A New Era in Cybersecurity and Cyberattacks is here – Time For Action – EndZero™

Time for Action EndZero™

Time for Action EndZero™

A little over a month ago I had a conversation about the current state of Cybersecurity with Christopher Murphy. Actually, it was more about the complete lack of Cybersecurity and how everyone basically communicates and sends sensitive information in the open.

We both agreed that sooner or later we wouldn’t be dealing with ransomware anymore, but something much, much worse. What could be worse than ransomware? Especially when the threshold for major businesses has reached $1 Million U.S. Dollars in Bitcoin. I’m glad you asked.

Imagine if you will, an attack that hits you with absolutely no hope of recovery. Wipes out ALL your data and essentially turns your servers, desktops, laptops, even tablets, and phones into bricks. There is nothing on it. No Data to recover, the OS is dead, you can’t even boot up. All your devices are now very expensive paperweights.

Well, we may have to wait no longer. It seems Tuesday’s attack was something just like that. Let’s face it – Cyber-Warfare is here folks, and the players aren’t just Nation States – but All of us.

We at Continuity Co. LLC are working on a new Cybersecurity program we are calling EndZero™ taking advanced threat protection to a new level. Using a hybrid of both machine intelligence and human intelligence, as well as other advanced proprietary methodology to both prepare, mitigate, and PREVENT attacks to our clients.

We are so confident in our process – If you get hit with ransomware and we can’t restore you to a pre-attack state. We will pay the ransom. Up to $1,000,000.00 U.S. Dollars. Terms and conditions will apply – basically following our guidance.

What other company is offering this as part of their protection service? Go ahead, ask your provider. We’ll wait for you.

Remember it’s not just your security, it’s national security, and it’s WAR!

We will be posting a link to the EndZero™ Launch page soon. We will be accepting a limited number of Trial Users and Clients.

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