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Hacking the Election


Can an election be hacked? The short answer. Yes. I’d like to say it is more difficult than some suggest, but more and more reports point to it occurring.

Over the last several weeks we have watched security experts on both sides of this issue comment about the potential of electronic voting machines to be hacked. But the most interesting and telling thing in all of this is how the Department of Homeland Security wants to take control of the elections.

The most compelling arguments on both sides show how difficult it would be to pull off a successful hack. Why? Because each State utilizes its own systems and methods for one. Election machines are usually off-line, locked in a secured room, and have security cameras on them.

In another case, some security professionals have proven that elections and voting machines are vulnerable and can be hacked in just 7 minutes. With that said, it has been reported that hackers have already targeted election systems in 20 States.

My take on this is that yes, voting machines can be hacked, and new additional controls need to be implemented in securing both the machines and the electoral process. Though having DHS taking control over that process eliminates current controls and adds another scary factor.

As we have seen in the past it is possible to rig or even hack elections. In 1968 a major glitch or error occurred giving Dick Gregory millions of votes. While an investigation failed to find any issues the blame was placed on programming. There is or was no REAL explanation of what happened. In fact, that election was so close – it may have just been a successful hack of the election for all we really know. Though that is speculation on my part.

In recent years we have seen the voting of cartoon characters, the deceased, and now illegals. We have also seen more votes cast than exists in the precinct population.

As I mentioned before there are sudden calls to have the entire Election process to now be controlled by the DHS. So who is trying to control the election?

What if it is people within our own Government or other actors within our Country that want to hack the election? Putting All the machines and the entire election process under DHS makes it easier if you ask me. Perhaps it is already being done.

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